AlertType Enumeration

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Enum of alert types

Namespace:  CarDeliveryNetwork.Types
Assembly:  CarDeliveryNetwork.Types (in CarDeliveryNetwork.Types.dll) Version: 3.2.3017.0 (3.2.3017)

public enum AlertType

  Member nameValueDescription
Adhoc0 Adhoc
VehicleAdded1 Vehicle added
VehicleNotCollected2 Vehicle was not collected
AdditionalDamage3 Additional damage was recorded between collection and deliverty
BrokerChangeJobDetail4 The broker changed some job detail
Question5 A question
Answer6 An answer
JobChanged7 The job changed
BrokerAddVehicle8 The broker added vehicle
JobOpportunity9 A new job opportunity
InstantQuote10 New Instant Quote Request
AllocatedJob11 Job was allocted to you
WinningBid12 You have the winning bid
CustomerAddedJob13 The customer added a job
CustomerJobBooked14 The customer booked a job
DatesOverridden15 Dates were overridden
OutOfCredit16 Out of credit
ExpensesDeclined17 Expenses were declined
ExpensesApproved18 Expenses were approved
CancelRequested19 (unused) The job was requested to be cancelled
Canceled20 The job was cancelled
LosingBid21 You have not won a bid
GeoFence22 Driver's out of GeoFence
Declined23 The request is Declined
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