JobSource Enumeration

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An enumeration that specifies where the job originated

Namespace:  CarDeliveryNetwork.Types
Assembly:  CarDeliveryNetwork.Types (in CarDeliveryNetwork.Types.dll) Version: 3.2.3017.0 (3.2.3017)

public enum JobSource

  Member nameValueDescription
VinDeliverOffice0 Job was created on vinDELIVER Office
VinCarrierOffice1 Job was created on vinCARRIER Office
VinCarrierApp2 Job was created on the VinCarrier app
CdnLink3 Job was created using CDN Link
Cdx4 Job was created through Cdx
CentralDispatchBOL5 Job was imported using a Central Dispatch Bill Of Lading
VinDispatch6 Job was created from VinDispatch
ManheimGatePass7 Job was imported using a Manheim Gate Pass
CarsArriveBOL8 Job was imported using a Cars Arrive Bill Of Lading
OneDispatchTransportOrder9 Job was imported using a 1Dispatch Transport Order
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