Fleet Properties

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The Fleet type exposes the following members.


Public propertyContact
The fleet's contact details
Public propertyCustomerTermsUrl
The URL of this fleet's customer terms
Public propertyDocuments
Readonly - A collection of documents assocated with this fleet
Public propertyDotNumber
The fleet's US DOT Number
Public propertyInsurances
Readonly - A collection of insurances assocated with this fleet
Public propertyIsBroker
Indicates that the fleet is primarily a broker
Public propertyLogoUrl
The URL of this fleet's logo
Public propertyMultiTransporters
The fleet's number of multi-transporters
Public propertyName
The fleet's name
Public propertyPodNote
When a contracted carrier, note to displat on ePoDs
Public propertyScac
The fleet's SCAC
Public propertySupplierTermsUrl
The URL of this fleet's supplier terms
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