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ContactDetails Class

Car Delivery Network
A Car Delivery Network ContactDetails entity.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CarDeliveryNetwork.Api.Data
Assembly: CarDeliveryNetwork.Api.Data (in CarDeliveryNetwork.Api.Data.dll) Version: 3.2.3103.0 (3.2.3103)
public class ContactDetails : ApiEntityBase<ContactDetails>

The ContactDetails type exposes the following members.

Public methodContactDetails Initializes a new instance of the ContactDetails class.
Public methodContactDetails(IContactDetails) Initializes a new instance of the ContactDetails class with fields copied from the specified contact
Public propertyAddressLines Optional (300) - The first line(s) of the address, e.g. Building name/number and street name.
Public propertyCity Optional (300) - The city.
Public propertyContact Optional (100) - The name of the person associated with this contact.
Public propertyCountryCode Returns a guess at country code for this contact, looked up using StateRegion
Public propertyEmail Optional (ntext) - The email address associated with this contact.
Public propertyFax Optional (30) - The fax number associated with this contact.
Public propertyLatitude Latitude
Public propertyLocationCode Optional (30) - The location code for this location
Public propertyLongitude Longitude
Public propertyMobilePhone Optional (30) - The mobile phone number associated with this contact.
Public propertyNotes Optional (ntext) - Notes relating to this contact.
Public propertyOpeningHours Optional - Hours location is available for pickups/deliveries
Public propertyOrganizationName Optional (100) - Alias for US spelling of 'Organisation'
Public propertyOtherPhone Optional (30) - An alternative phone number associated with this contact.
Public propertyPhone Optional (30) - The fixed/land-line phone number associated with this contact.
Public propertyQuickCode Optional (255) - A unique identifier with which to refer to this contact.
Public propertyStateRegion Optional (255) - The state or region.
Public propertyZipPostCode Optional (10) - The Zip or postal code.
If you only specify the Id or QuickCode then the contact must be already present To create a new contact you must specify the OrganisationName, City, StateRegion If you specify a contact that is already in the database all fields present will updated the the fields in the Job contact. The more address detail provided for a contact the more accurate a map location will be. The system will use google maps and the data provided to pin point a contact on a map.
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