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EndPoint Class

Car Delivery Network
A Car Delivery Network EndPoint entity.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: CarDeliveryNetwork.Api.Data
Assembly: CarDeliveryNetwork.Api.Data (in CarDeliveryNetwork.Api.Data.dll) Version: 3.2.3102.0 (3.2.3102)
public class EndPoint

The EndPoint type exposes the following members.

Public methodEndPoint Initializes a new instance of the EndPoint class.
Public propertyDestination Mandatory - The Destination for this EndPoint
Public propertyDocuments Optional - Collection of documents associated with this end point
Public propertyEta Readonly - The driver estimated ETA at this endpoint
Public propertyGateOutCode Readonly - The vinYARD gate release code generated at this endpoint
Public propertyProofDocUrl ReadOnly - The URL of the proof document associated with this EndPoint ()
Public propertyRequestedDate Mandatory - The requested date for this EndPoint.
Public propertyRequestedDateIsExact Mandatory - When true, indicates that RequestedDate is an exact date. Pickup/Delivery must be ON this date. When false, indicates that RequestedDate is not exact. Pickup/Delivery should be FROM/UP TO this date
Public propertyScheduledDate Readonly - The date the job is scheduled by the carrier
Public propertySequenceNumber Optional - Sequence number of this endpoint
Public propertySignoff ReadOnly - The signature collected at this EndPoint
Public methodToString Returns a serial representation of the object in JSON format.
(Overrides ObjectToString)
Public methodToString(MessageFormat) Returns a serial representation of the object in the specified format.
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