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Car Delivery Network

The Car Delivery Network API is designed to allow Shippers and Carriers to connect programmatically to the CDN platform, to send and receive data.

The API is implemented using a RESTful web service interface, and there are several ways to interact wit this.

Sending data to CDN
  • API: Call our RESTful API directly from your own system. See Walkthrough: First Steps.

  • .NET client: Open source .NET client effectively wraps the REST API into a very easy to use .NET API. The client can be found on GitHub.

    Clients will become available in other languages and we are happy to work with developers on clients for any technology being used to call us.

  • CdnLink: An open source, command-line Windows application that further wraps the .NET API into an executable that can be called from your application. Insert job data into a set of database tables and call the CdnLink executable. CdnLink then posts your jobs to CDN. The CdnLink source and latest build can be found on GitHub.

Receiving data from CDN

This is done through a system of web hooks. CDN posts data to a remote URL as certain events occur. You can choose to subscribe to any/all of the following events:

  • PickupStop: Driver signed off the job as Picked Up. Data includes pickup signature, damage recorded at pickup etc.

  • DropoffStop: Driver signed off the job as Delivered. Data includes all pickup data + delivery signature, damage recorded at delivery.

  • CarrierClaimApproved: Carrier's claim for expenses etc. was approved by the shipper or contracted carrier. Data includes all Pickup and Delivery data.

Updates can be received in the following ways:

  • Web Hooks: You provide a URL, or 'hook', for CDN to post data to. Job data is posted to this URL in the same format as it is inserted into CDN, equivalent the JSON/XML response data in a call to POST /Jobs(Jobs)

  • FTP: We post the same data directly to your FTP server, which you can then poll as required. Each update creates a single JSON/XML file containing the whole job at the time of the update, again, in the same JSON/XML format as above.

  • CdnLink: The same exe can also receive data from CDN, using the FTP method above. We post data to your FTP server and you call CdnLink in 'receive' mode. CdnLink inserts the updates into another set of tables that you can then process.